Geographic Quiz: Week 13

What is the difference between a bay and a gulf?


Lemon Bay, Florida

Gulf of Mexico

Cape Cod Bay

Gulf of Maine

Both are bodies of water partially surrounded by land. A bay is a smaller version of a gulf.

Famous bays: San Francisco Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Patmos Bay (Greece)

Famous gulfs: Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Maine, Persian Gulf

Geography Quiz #9

What are tropical cyclones called around the world?

Cape Cod_0047

Hurricane Bob, Lewis Bay in West Yarmouth (Cape Cod) Massachusetts

In the US, actually anywhere in the Atlantic Ocean as well as the eastern Pacific these storms are called hurricanes. But this isn’t the case around the world. In the western Pacific Ocean they are called cyclones and the Indian and southern Pacific they are called typhoons, not to be confused with monsoons, a different type of weather event.   Here in the US we begin our careful watch over the skies. June 1st begins our hurricane season.