Where in the World Game – Week 3

The Where in the World game began as an ice breaker in my geography classes. Each morning I’d put up a photo for students to guess where or what it was. I’d put a few of these questions on exams for bonus points so if they didn’t come to class they missed out on the bonus points. I enjoyed their involvement as they tried to guess, talked among themselves or got hints from me.

In this monthly post I’m continuing the spirit of the game with my online community. Each month I’ll post a photograph of someplace not too obvious but not too obscure either. Can you tell me “where in the world” this photo is? You can make a guess or ask for hints. I’ll give the answer in the next edition of the Where in the World Game.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The answer to last weeks game is the Walls of Avila, Spain. Thanks for playing.

Where in the world is this iconic statue?

statue of liberty-001

Statue of Liberty, New York City

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