Geography Quiz #4

How old is the oldest known map?

map copy

The Babylonian world map is dated to about 600 bce, however there is evidence that the Sumerians sketched maps on clay tablets to represent their city, circa 2,700 bce

No, this isn’t either the Babylonia or Sumerian map, it’s a map I created using MapPoint then tweaked the color to look older. I love maps, I enjoy making them, looking at them and touching them. I do use GPS but there’s nothing like the birds eye view you get from a map, the big picture.


5 thoughts on “Geography Quiz #4”

    1. je préfère les cartes non pas parce que je n’aime pas la technologie, mais je n’ai pas besoin d’un révélateur de l’ordinateur où aller, merci de visiter

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